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Yisraelite Assembly, serving the communities of all the Nations by way of the
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7thDay: 11:a.m.-SABBATH Service
Memorial page Wall for;
Charles Briones we all known and loved him as Shepherd Chuck;
Shalom and thank you to all the mishpocha of the house of
Yisrael that stood strong in agreement prayers day and night for
Shepherd Chuck Healing of Pancreatic Cancer. He fought the
Tov fight of Emunah to his last breath, and at 8:30a.m. on
7/12/2019 with his family beside him Said " Everything is going
to be Alright Now" and breath his last breath, and his body went
to sleep for the last time for his ruach to return back to Abba
Yah and wait for His Resurrection of the Just. He will be missed
and always loved and remembered which he left deep prints on
the hearts of so many people he introduced to our Creator
Yahuwah and won to our Hebrew Messiah Yahushua. And
effected so many lives of whom ever he met and known.
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