Mission Statement &
Eagle's Haven Ministry was established in 1999, and has been running strong ever since.
Our founder  Evangelist R. Eliyahu Childs started the ministry out of His Father's house
based  in Cabazon California.  Eliyahu and His wife Tina - Abiyah, have dedicated their
lives to do the work of their Hebrew Messiah Yahushua and have been called to the  
Nations "Qoyim"Nations of the whole earth. Now with our  vision is to touch the lives
and reach the hearts of the youth while their still teachable, trainable, correctable in our
own local communities and Through & by  Outreaches and Discipleship type of
Evangelism.  Eagles Haven is a Nazarene Kodesh Congregation of Aloah, ready to
empower and equip the lives of individuals with knowledge and training to study to
research the word of YHUH Aloah on their own with boldness to speak HaShem The
Name of  YaHuWaH /  YaHUaH and His Son Yahushua our true Hebrew Messiah
according to Pro.Mishle 30:3-4; and to continually confidently be trained in spiritual
warfare. We are fully dedicated to helping people realize and enjoy the  abundant  
Chay'im that YHUH has given to us by His Promises in the TaNaK. We are based on the
integrity of Aloah's YaH word called The Scriptures and believe that everyone can live a
abundant well being through  belief- Emunah in the word of  YHUH, lovingly obeying His
Torah,TaNaK, Shabbat, and the Cheerful Feast Celebrations
we get to Celebrate together.  
We believe that every person,  tribe and tongue is very special and important to Abba
YaH, therefore  we are committed to reaching out and touching the lives of all  people
with the message of the Goodnews="
Besorah-Besuras" to see the lost house of Yisrael
restored and the
sojourner's  searching for the true Messiah Yahushua's cleansing blood
of forgiveness  washing  away our sins and are grafted into His love of the house of
Yisrael. We want you to know that Eagle's Haven  Congregation & Ministry has a
dedicated full commitment  in His Services. To Reach You, To except you as you are, To
help you  be what you always wanted to be in relationship with your Creator, To teach
you truth in  Scriptures TaNaK. We believe it's important to fellowship with others but
even more important to Obey the Shabbat and be at your own house with your Family or
local group House at a comfortable Home Setting.  So we are dedicated to present to all a
opportunity by way of Internet Streaming on Vimeo and YouTube stored Videos of
Teachings and Worship Music to join us in the comfort of your own Homes. To Help you
walk out from all the Past religious forms of Christianity that have historically miss
guided so many with Money Fleecing con artist to False spirits of promotional speakers
keeping up with the Joneses style of guilt trips on people to keep them under their spell of
control for many generations...We are here to Restore You to Truth as being Grafted into
the House of Israel.  We Pray for all of you for--
A vision to build you up,
A people to love you,
A Nation to Restore you.
About Us,  Our History
Sr. Founder EHM
Eliyahu and
Abiyah Childs.